Monday, November 21, 2011

tHai MoVie sAiKoO!!!

Yesterday I found this movie titled ' A Little Thing Called Love (First Love)'. You see thailand's actors mostly are so handsome and cute. Congrates to directors that successfully pick up the cute actors in their movies. Anyway I download this movie and watched it last night.

The beginning and the middle of the story is interesting, funny and heartbreaking. A girl, Nam who has 'bug face' trying to become beautiful just because she fall in love with the popular guy in the school, Shone. Well Shone is really cute!! Totally my type! Ehehe..

She trying to attract Shone in many ways but Shone doesn't show he interested at all for her.

For the first time she made a directly contact with Shone when she rehearsing her school play as Snow White while Shone is a photographer and help to paint the tree? After heavy make up her looks does improved. Everyone look at her with open mouth while she hopes Shone will look at her like that too. But he totally smash that hope when he said " She look just the same.."
Oh I forgot! She made contact with him when she almost fall from the stage and Shone hold her hand firmly..Nam? Of course she freeze happily..So sweet!!!

During the real play, Shone doesn't show up..Nam searching him while sad...But there's other guy watching her with smile..

After the play, she find a bitten apple on her desk with note something like.." I tasted the not poison"
How sweet...Of course Nam let herself  thought that Shone gave that apple which I guess the guy that secretly watched her play who gave that apple..Don't you think so?

And it appears that the guy that watch Nam's play is Shone's best friend ever who transfer to that school. The guy called Top and he seem interested in Nam. I guess that the first time a guy attracted to her? After 3 years of semester she have a lot of improvement. Her skin more brighter, long hair in short she does become beautiful. Shortly writing, there's an event that make Nam become popular in the school..

Many students giving her present, flower at the end of that semester..and she hopes Shone will give her flower too. Suprisingly, Shone did come to see her and holding a rose..She wait with smile..when Shone hand off the rose he said that it a present from his friend...poor Nam..heartbroken again..

Nam suddenly get a note that asking her to meet someone at the stairways..Of course, Nam let herself think that it might Shone who leave the note..While she waiting, there's Shone walking towards her and he seems
happy about something..But before Shone could speak to her Top stand in between and ask Nam to be his girlfriend. Nam shocked and when he ask Shone if he want to ask something earlier and Shone answer that he just want to ask why she here...

So Nam become close with Top and only because Shone is always together with Top. When she dates Top means she also could be together with Shone..When riding a bike with Top it seem like she ride with Shone..When she hurt and riding on Top's back it seem like she riding Shone on his back although Shone is behind both of them...

But then, these bestfriend reveal a story about them in old days and they promised that they will never fall in live with the same girls...So Nam realised that she had made a mistake...When they the three of them dancing, Top suddenly kiss Nam's cheek! Nam shock. Shone look at them and Shone and Top continue dancing with smile like nothing happen...

Nam made her mind that she should stop seeing Top and told him so..Top thought that she is his girlfriend all this time but Nam never thought so..Top hurt so much that he ask Shone to promise that no matter what Shone cannot hit on her..

During their last semester, Nam decided to confess to Shone that she been in love with him during these 3 years..She give him white rose with the button that she collected when Shone had fight before. She draw smiley on that blood-covered button. Shone shocked but then he show Nam his shirt with writing "Pin love Shone"...Poor Nam...Heartbroken again and again and again...What could make her feel a bit better because she got first place in her class, her father promised to give her ticket to US and reunite.

Shone go back at home..waiting is good news that he accepted to join Bangkok football team. He open up the frigde, look at the pack of chocolate that Nam gave him before by moving other presents from all his secret admires and put her present only..hehe..Shone still keep that chocolate? Untouched and uneaten? He go to his bedroom..looking back the rose and the button that Nam gave to him..Then he take the diary-like book on his table..

When he open up the book, it full of a girl pictures...Nam's pictures..All pictures when she was near to him...all pictures that show all his feelings that he cannot express it to during the play rehearsal.. The picture after she make up and dress out as Snow White..

The truth is...Shone secretly took her picture with happy smile...

The truth is...Shone was the one who give the apple which he bite it first.

The truth is...Shone was the one who give the rose to Nam but he said that the rose is a present from his friend because he had tough-slipped..He grow that rose himself. He took every picture of the rose growing...

The truth is...Shone's heart was broken in to pieces when Top asked Nam to be his girlfriend...

The truth is...Shone dream to ask Nam her back where she can't hear he said, "Nam..will you be my grilfriend?"..

The truth is...Shone secretly take Nam picture when she riding Top's back and Shone hopes that she riding his back too.

The truth is...Shone secretly encourage Nam when she feel down..

The truth is..Shone was shocked when Top kissed Nam's cheek. His face showed how sad he was in that time..

I cried when I know the truth was like this..( T T )

But, this story had a happy ending when 9 years later they meet again..Nam just come back form US..She became a successful, beautiful fashion designer and Shone quite football and became photographer...

Nam ask him whether he married or not. 

And Shone answer that he have...he have been waiting for a girl to come back from US..

Auww!!! So sweet!! I love this movie!

A Little Thing Called Love (Thai Movie)

Another Thai's movie (which the first love story that I like) titled "Love at 4 Size"...4 means there's 4 love story in 1 movie. It's like a tredmark to Thai's movies don't you think? 4 stories in 1 movie..The horror movies also the Phobia...Actually that is the first ghost movie that able to make me close my eyes as I'm afraid..haha..

One of the 4 story in 'Love at 4 Size' is about a school girl fall for a school boy, which is amazingly cute!! So cute! Hehe..

But that boy have to continue study at overseas...That girl promise to wait that boy..Everyday what connect them together is Facebook...

But one day that girl found her boyfriend is with someone else...She hurt but she still chat with him in FB although her boyfriend act like nothing happen, like he doesn't having affair. She still want to wait for him..

But the thing in her mind just one..."Waiting for Love? or Waiting to Break up?" 

Wah! That words totally hit my face! That what exactly how I fell when I'm waiting for.. 'ano otoko'... I cried though...

Wah! Two Thai's movies have made me cry!!

Well, what a nice movie...

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Ahh~ I want my love story too just like a movies..(happy ending only)

Gambare masu!!! (^ ^)

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