Sunday, October 10, 2010

ReaD ThiS! My MaSteRpiEce

Sakura No Koi (Sakura Love)

Author: Gee-Chan

Chapter 1

          A girl walking toward her new school. Today, she will be a new student of Sakura High School. Along the road all that she could see is the cherry blossom (sakura) tree. Now, is the spring season and the sakura bloom wonderfully. The wind blowing and the sakura petals floating down like snow. Yuri look up and open her palm to let the sakura petal laying on her palm, "Kirei..Yappari, haru ga atashi ichiban daisuki!"(Beautiful, I love spring the most) said Yuri smiling.."Haa! Shimata! I'm gonna be late!". Yuri run so fast toward the entrance gate while Sensei is about to close the gate. "Safe!". Yuri relief that she got pass the gate before it closed.

           Yuri walk to her class but around her the students look at her strangely, "Mochirun, atashi wa tenkosei dayo (Of course, I'm a transfer student right?) That's why they looking at me like that", whispered Yuri. As she step one foot on the first stairs, she remembered that she have to introduce herself in front of her new classmates, she feel nervous at once. "Daijyobu dayo, atashi wa dekiru!"(It's ok, I can do it!). Yuri take a deep breath. As she breath out, she hear a smooth sound..'CLING!' Then followed by a noise, 'GANG!'. Yuri peek behind the stairs, she saw four boys students surround one student, he being pushed harshly on to locker. "Ijime-kko?"(A bully?) Yuri wondered. Then, she saw one boy punch that student. "Oii!", Yuri screamed as a reflex and those boys look at her at once, fiercely. 


                                                                                               To Be Continued....

Chapter 2

        "Teme! Kankei ja nai darou? Haiyaku ike!"( Hey,you! you got nothing to do with this right? Get lost!), said that yankee guy while grabbing Yuri's colar. That's it! Yuri snapped and grab his wrist and twist it hard. Then, she knee that guy's stomach and he scream in pain. Another guy grab her shoulder, Yuri kick him from behind and give him spinning kick right on his face! Yuri look at them with a devil look and scared them of. "You mess up with a wrong girl, Baka!". Yuri is very good at fighting. She not as cute as her look. She once lead a group of delinquent 2 years ago and everyone scare to piss with her. However, after she got rejected by a guy that she likes, she changed slowly..

        Yuri walk near the the student siting on the floor.."Is he got injured?". Yuri wondered. She attracted to shining thing on his chest. A silver necklace with key and heart-shaped lock as the locket. "Aah! So this the cling sound I heard before", Yuri thought. "Ano..Daijyobu?", ask Yuri. "Nn!.. Daijyobu desu", he answered as he look up and meet her eyes. SHING! It's like a bright light beam into her eyes and as she could see flowers around that guy. "Kawaii..", said Yuri in her hearts. Yuri's heart bead almost stopped as she looks at a cute boy right in front of her. Their eyes meet, not a single word come out from their mouth. Just, looking at each other sweetly...                                           


                                                                                                         To Be Continued....

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