Thursday, November 3, 2011

I dOn'T rEaLiZe iT..

       A few Weeks ago at Menara TM there's MPH booth.

Of course I went to checked it out since I saw 'Discount' everywhere..

But there was not much interesting book..

And Novel..I dont read a novel since forever...Because I love read Manga instead...

      Anyway I just keep looking until I saw this book 'The Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Ugly Truth'...

I feel like I see this title before..Yup..There's a movie with this title..I dont feel interested to watch it before

because even I try I just can't develop my interest in that movie..However the book in front of me look

interesting well, with the purple cover and looks it a diary..When I opened the book..the writing, and the

kid's drawing looks, the simple language exactly like a kid diary..

       When I turned the book to see the price..RM44..something..I  didn't lose it yet because there's a

discount for 15% so I calculated it must like thirty something after less but then I remembered I have to

spend money wisely as I did not receive my salary yet..Shoot! I went home with my mind only thinking of the

book. You see if I want something I will get it. Therefore, I've been planning how reduce my expenses since

I'll left not much money after buying that book.

        The next day, I went to MPH booth again..looking at that purple diary like book again. Read a bit the

content with my heart crying '' I want this book!!''... Again..I went back home with a broken heart (don't

know the best eord to describe my feeling).

        Then, next day while I don't have much work to do I tried to look my account and YES!! I got my

salary! I really looking forward to buy the book once my office hour end..I have a big smile always..

I bought the book..Once I reached home I read it. I knew it! It's really a good book. I laughed at every page

I read..I really love the book..

       One day when I got home I took the book and looks the bok cover was dirty. I scrub it it won't come

out. I tries to erase using rubber eraser, it won't come out either..I tried to scrub using a drop of water also

didn't work..I felt like want to cry..The book that I love...

       So I decided to leave it maybe I always been like that and I just don't realise it. I want to check by look

 at other copy of the book at that MPH  books. But the booth was no longer there..

One day, I went to book shop at KL Sentral and I saw that book...I look it closely..Then I know, the so

called dirty cover that I had tried to scrub using many ways was original...It always been like that..I just didn't

 realise it....Silly me...

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