Sunday, December 5, 2010

iF i EveR mEeT a GuY.....

If I ever meet a guy 
who loves me the way I am,
I'll make sure I'll never hurt him
or make him hurt himself...

If I ever meet a guy 
who truly, honestly love me,
I'll trust him and so I let him fly freely
to hangout with his boys or girlfriends
cuz I know some guy feel his friends are more
important than me...
But, as long as I know he love me more than his friends,
that is more than enough for me...

If I ever meet a guy  
who really love me
I'll make sure he always feel 
he's being loved by me everyday
like Bruno Mars's song
"cuz you're amazing just the way you are..."

If I ever meet a guy
who his eyes are only looking at mine
I'll make sure to make him feel he is the most
luckiest guy in the world to have me
as his girl..not the other girls who are more pretty,
hot and gorgeous than me...

If I ever meet this guy 
he will be my one and only....... 

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